Youth Programme

Our youth program helps young people between the ages of 16-21 to gain valuable work experience within the music industry, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop their own musical talents.

We are currently working hard to secure funding to help support and develop young talent with their recording studio, management, photography and music video production requirements.

At The Recording Studio

Meet Chantelle Our Apprentice

Chantelle is currently studying music production at college in North London, and she hopes to become a music composer.

Her interests include Japanese music and the culture of the Far East. Chantelle is a such a talented and articulate young lady, and we can safely say it is a real pleasure to have her on board!

Meet Miles Our Apprentice

Miles is interested in eventually producing his own music, and would like to creative control over every element of the finished project – from hip-hop beats right through to video image editing.

Miles visited Japan this year, and also has a keen interest in the culture and music of Japan. He would like to work within the legal side of the music industry.

C&D Artist Management Youth Programme
C&D Artist Management Youth Programme