Larna grew up in a very strict Pentecostal home where she and her Siblings all played a strong role within the church.

Her parents came from Jamaica, and came to live in the UK in Buckinghamshire, then onto South East London Depford for the last 20 years.

Her parents held very important positions within the church and the gospel choir and that is where Larna’s vocal training first grew.

As a child, Larna’s home was filled with various instruments. Her home was accustomed to family rehearsals for concerts and various performances, which is where her love for the drums began.

Larna’s family are all musicians too; from jazz, grime to house music! She has since sung in various choirs across London and has supported various artists on their recording projects.

She has taken her musical talents one step further and and went on to train musically at Middlesex.

This sexy diva is hugely versatile with herAlto/Mezzo Soprano vocals. She’s often described as having a power-house voice like Aretha Franklin mixed with a sexy soulful urban twist flexible enough to take on any grime, house and R&B track.

Larna also teaches music at secondary level in East London, therefore continues to motivate and inspire young people with her musical passions.

Larna’s new track ‘I KNOW’ tells the tale of her own self discovery. The track oozes her new found self love for her super sexy curvaceousness, sassy confidence and of course her naughty and ‘tell it as it is’ personality.

“My aim is to also inspire ladies across the UK and the world on; self love, knowing your worth and reminding them that we’re all sexy and beautiful regardless of our size”

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Larna – I Know. Release Date 02/12/2019

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