Artist Development

Annual Registration Fee – £185

Youth fee (16-21yr old’s) – Please inquire

  • Listed on our website
  • Consultancy on your initial development & social media strategy
  • Introduction of your music on our social media

Management & Promotion of Artists

Every artist is unique and is at different stages of their development.

Price per month is tailor-made via a meeting where we will discuss your exact requirements.

Alternatively ad hoc fee’s per service/project is available as and when you need it, (please inquire)


  • Journalist meetings
  • Branding promotions
  • Radio station submitting music/booking of interviews
  • DJ submissions
  • Magazine submitting press release/arrangement of editorials
  • Brand collaborations management
  • Press release topic generation
  • Image styling (excluding garments/stylist charges)
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Social media management
  • PR crises management (excluded from fee)
  • Press releases writing
  • Management
  • Fan responses
  • Record label contracts (excluding solicitor fees)
  • Photo shoot attendance/overseas meetings/tours (flights/expenses excluded)
  • Events/your own shows (venue/catering/any extra’s required for the event excluded from fee)
  • Flight/itinerary bookings
  • Sponsorship opportunities/management of deal


  • Strategy campaign development
  • Exposure directions
  • Branding consultancy
  • Image consultancy (stylist fee excluded unless otherwise stated)
  • Celebrity artist collaborations
  • Creative direction
  • Record labels advisory
  • UK/international awards research and application submissions


  • Securing of performances (commission pro rata to be negotiated)
  • Negotiations
  • Promoter liaisons
  • Tours
  • Personal appearances
  • Payments Scheduling/invoicing/chasing of payments

Partnership Services

  • Bespoke quote


  • Photo shoot creative direction (excluding costs for photography/shoots locations/print)
  • Visual Advisory
  • Image advisory
  • Video advisory & full production


  • VIP Events/gigs for networking
  • Events for performance
  • Artist Relations
  • Instagram Video Ads
  • VIP events/gids / networking
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Full video production
  • Artist relations

Recording studio

Various London studios/packages to select from – recording studio fees are separate fee from partnership and C&D fee.

  • Full consultancy & advisory on producer/studio