The C&D Artist Management Story

“C&D Artist Management has developed to include performance bookings services, a youth programme, events and sponsored partnerships. We can now supply live acts, performers and DJ’s as well as honing our very own home grown artists.”

Michelle Devonish - C&D Artist Management
Michelle Devonish – C&D Artist Management

Michelle Devonish – C&D Artist Management

I am delighted to have been a successful entrepreneur for the past 3 decades, heading up a range of services offering UK & global events organisation, creative consultancy and luxury lifestyle services.

As a young person, conforming was always tricky for me. Raised by Caribbean parents, they wanted me to get a “real” job and become a doctor or a lawyer, but instead I was headstrong enough to forge out my own path in life.

I didn’t get a chance to pursue my passion for music in the corporate arena, but growing up in Tottenham, North London, I was surrounded by some of the most inspirational music makers & sound systems the UK has to offer. Such was my love of all things musical, I could often be found sneaking into recording studios and late night gigs, having climbed out of my bedroom window on many occasions throughout my teenage years.

I am also passionate about the opportunities available to young people, especially those from the inner cities. This has inspired me to develop a youth programme that offers young people work experience within the music industry. We are also currently working on funding for artists who are not in the position to pay for their management.

Our artists share our passion, and are happy to get involved with both schools and young people themselves, using their music to inspire and help to motivate against knife crime.

My advice for up and coming artists is to be true to themselves and make their music heard. After all, what good is the musical platform, if you can’t ruffle a few feathers?

Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, LIVE YOUR DREAMS, do what ever is necessary to support your vision, and find ways to OVERCOME the obstacles that challenge you.

No one can please every one all of the time, and remember to always shine bright like a diamond!